The Montague on The Gardens

The Montague on The Gardens has recently came in the top 10 of UK hotels as chosen by trip advisor.
It’s ideal for a small sized wedding party and can cater for the ceremony and reception.
Situated in Bloomsbury in central London it’s a great location for guests arriving from across the country.
There is a garden area at the back of the hotel which at the time of Louise and Stevens wedding required permission from the owner which unfortunately wasn’t the hotel.

Holburn and Russell square are a short walk away and the classic architecture of the area make great street pictures. It is quite a small venue but very classy.

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28 Andy Rowland

Wedding proposal shoot

One of the more different and exciting experiences I’ve had recently was a request to photograph a wedding proposal without the potential fiancee knowing they were being photographed.

The plan being to secretly photograph the proposal on the beach at Broadstairs and that if all went well she would receive the pictures on Christmas day several months later.

With a bit of planning and some covert photography we pulled it of without the fiancee knowing and she was absolutely stunned on Christmas day when she unwrapped a photo album. Big smiles all round when she said yes.

wedding proposal photography

Wedding proposal Broadstairs


The Admirals House Greenwich

Amongst the Old Royal Naval College grounds is the Admirals House.
A smaller and more intimate venue than it’s neighbour the Painted Hall it is equally as impressive.
Excellent for smaller groups it provides a room for the brides party to get ready that leads onto the lovely lit ceremony room.
With Tanya and Anthony’s wedding the reception was held at St Katherine’s dock and a boat was laid on for guests to take them up the river to Tower Bridge. With just a short walk to the pier at Greenwich this proved an excellent idea and was throughly enjoyed by all the guests.

For more information on the Admirals House take a look here


Old Royal Naval College – Greenwich

Alongside Leeds Castle, The Old Royal Naval College is one of the grandest locations I’ve ever photographed at.
Amanda and TW gave me an amazing opportunity to be their photographer for their wedding here.
It is a truly stunning location that isn’t as imposing as you might first think.
The team that work together here to make your day spectacular are very well organised and  allow you to incorporate your individual ideas.
With Amanda and TW’s wedding, traditional Sri Lankan dancers leapt their way down the Painted hall and a small traditional ceremony was held outside.

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St Peter’s Italian church Farringdon

I spent 5 years working in Farringdon from 2000 and walked past the unassuming steps of this church almost everyday.
With thanks to Rose and Peppe asking me to photograph their wedding day I got to see the stunning beauty of this church.

It will completely take you aback and I guarantee you you will stand for a few moments just going how is this here, how beautiful is this church.

It’s Italian so all the services are in Latin and it’s Catholic but if this fits what you’re looking for please just take the opportunity to go and see it, it is wonderful.

For further information visit here


Rangers House Greenwich

Situated next to Greenwich park and Blackheath The Rangers House is a regal elegant building.
It’s also a place that might get missed when considering the area with the likes of the Royal Naval college nearby.
It houses a very impressive collection of paintings and sculptures which oozes wealth and takes you back to the time of Horatio Nelson and the late 1700’s.

It’s a delightful venue with a small walled garden which leads out onto the rose garden of Greenwich park. Note that at the time of writing a permit is required to take pictures in Greenwich Park.

With Blackheath village a short walk away it’s a great place to have grand ceremony and then take a walk across the heath to one of the many delicious restaurants in the village. It’s also very easy to forget that you are only 15 mins on a train from central London.

For further information on The Rangers House take a look here

City of London weddings

The City of London is a sometimes a missed opportunity when it comes to planning a wedding.
Usually the vibrant heart of the business district at the weekend can be very quiet. Areas such as Liverpool St, Shoreditch and Old Street tend to be relatively quiet and this has in the past proved ideal in securing a good deal for a reception.
It provides a great backdrop for couples willing to explore and walk between venues.

For example at Sarah and Arnauds wedding the reception meal was held at a bistro bar in Old Street with the evenings entertainment held at the base of the Gherkin near Leadenhall. The walk at night time between the 2 venues was brilliant and created a really fresh series of shots that you wouldn’t normally capture at a wedding.


Nonsuch Manor

Nonsuch Manor

Nonsuch Manor is located near Cheam in Surrey and is great location for couples from London and the South East.
The classic Georgian house with high ceilings is awash with natural light and is a gem of a location for a wedding photographer never mind the bride and groom. It is very difficult to take a bad picture at this venue. Enormous grounds for wandering around, beautiful rooms to get ready in and the ceremony room which basks in natural light opening up to the garden is an absolute delight.


For further information on Nonsuch Manor take a look here

Islington Town Hall

Islington Town Hall

Islington town Hall is a grand registry office. Across London the old town halls were built in a similar style, marble staircases very decorative rooms almost regal.
It’s a very well kept building and the highlight for the ceremonies that I’ve done here is the balcony that you can access in the council chamber.

It can be a very busy venue but thankfully it’s never caused a problem for the weddings I’ve photographed here in the past.

Great central London location for local bars and restaurants.

For more information take a look here


Leeds Castle

A superb, extravagant location that even gives you the option to stay the night after your wedding.
What I found most impressive was the organisation and relaxed nature of the staff. Sometimes such a venue can be over powering on not only the bridal couple but the pressure on the staff to provide an excellent service. Leeds Castle is one of the best venues photographically but also in every aspect you’d want from your day. Highly recommend it and is well worth a look around.

For more information on Leeds Castle take a look here.

Leeds Castle wedding