About me and the way I work

My background

Photographer based in Broadstairs East Kent, originally from South London my family relocated to Broadstairs several years ago to allow our 2 young children to tear up the beach and have the space to run wild.

My background in photography began working in professional darkrooms from 2000 to 2005.
I was very fortunate to have experienced the end of an era in traditional photographic techniques working alongside professional photographers in a busy central London darkroom for 5 years. I was also fortunate to be there for the beginning of digital photography and the fast paced bumpy start that it had in taking over traditional film.

I regularly work across the South East of England and London making good use of the High Speed train links we have here and across the country too.


My style

My style is real and not controlling, capturing your day as it happens with less stylised poses.
No tree hugging or gazing blankly, I will keep the photography as real as possible.
If I do see an opportunity for a managed shot I’ll take you to one side if I think it’s worth it.

My main aims are to be as unobtrusive as possible and allow you to enjoy your day without hours of staged shots; ideally I’d like you to forget that I am there at all. Also to provide you with a series of images that will capture your day as it happens and help reignite memories that will last a lifetime.

Using the techniques I learnt in traditional photography and alongside my original background in graphic design I set out as a professional photographer in 2005.

I aim to combine great design with great images in wedding photography. I apply this ethos to the albums and photo books that I produce, incorporating readings and speeches from your wedding into your albums and photo books to give you an all-inclusive account of your day.
I’ve spent several years researching for what I believe are the best quality photo books currently available and accompanying products like handmade presentation boxes and personalised DVD cases.

How I work

Much preferring to be behind the lens than in front, I can relate to most people when it comes to having a camera pointed at them.
I have developed my style to be as low profile as possible, capturing the great off guard moments and emotions of your day without making people feel uncomfortable. Most of the time the best pictures are the off guard moments, when you’re not thinking about having to pose and smile for a camera and I will work with you to make you feel relaxed and enjoy your day.

After the wedding I work hard to produce a stunning collection of your images that you’ll be able to look back on in years to come where the true value of your images will become apparent.

I love photographing weddings with their natural and relaxed moments that give me the buzz to go back for more.
Capturing the small details and quirks that can be easily missed in all the excitement.

I’ll give you 100% commitment and professionalism, all with a smile.